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  • June 18 2019


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    Thirty-seven-year-old Vikas Jha, an ex-merchant navy officer-turned-venture capitalist-turned entrepreneur, always found himself drawn toward product design. As he led a glamorous life of a VC in Europe — analyzing around 100 proposals and meeting 30-40 startups a week, he often found himself helpin...

  • June 17 2019

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    Pitting a chess computer against a chess champion used to be the end goal for machine intelligence. We explore how game play has improved artificial intelligence   Cliff Saran Managing Editor   Since the first industrial revolution, inventors have been driven by the idea that an automaton could mim...

  • June 17 2019

    How does your business assess its financial strength? No doubt you refer to your income statement (also called profit and loss statement or P&L) and your bank account for the basics.  But the truth is most businesses ignore the most powerful financial tools in the accounting arsenal: the balance sh...